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4 stell me what to see :|||: blind my eyes

[08 Apr 2003|04:25pm]
I'm lonely.

Colin is on assignment again.

Neville, are you mad at me?


blind my eyes

[31 Mar 2003|02:50pm]
I wonder if Neville's ok. He left here kinda quick the other day. I hope it wasn't me.

I got jumped by some big mean guys.. and they beat me up. Neville saved me though.
When Colin came home he helped me.. and I told him what happened. He didn't seem to care much that neville helped me. But he disappeared saying he was going to find those guys.. and when he came back he looked sorta happy. I wonder if he foudn them. He wouldn't tell me. It was late and I was supposed to be asleep already.

I kissed Neville. I don't think I was supposed to. Only Colin ever kisses me. I think he would be mad if he knew. Neville hasn't contacted me or been around. I think I scared him away.
maybe he finally got sick of me.

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[05 Mar 2003|04:03pm]
I had a good time with Neville last night. He was walking by and we started talking. We ended up going shopping. With Colin not around that much I don't have anyone to take me out. Neville was a good guide and I got a whole lot of new clothes and stuff.

As thanks I got his his own puppy. We had been talking about pets (and Drizzt seems to like him alot) and he seems to be taking care of osme old stray that might die or something soon.. So I got him his own. It's a girl puppy and she's very soft.

blind my eyes

[27 Feb 2003|02:34am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I'm so bored. Colin has been so busy I rarely see him. *frown* I don't like that.

I think I need more friends but I don't like going out that much. People stare at me and it bothers me. I know I can't SEE them, but I can feel their eyes.

Maybe I can owl Neville or something. he is good company.

blind my eyes

[20 Feb 2003|01:44pm]
[ mood | good ]

I saw Neville again. I made him some food. I don't think he gets a homemade meal very often.

I wish I could see so I could see what he looks like.

blind my eyes

[12 Feb 2003|02:23am]
[ mood | excited ]

I saw Neville the other day. He sort of rescued me... in a weird way.

He's so grown now. And good looking. Well not like I could see him but he let me touch his face so I could tell. He's my height too.. which is nice because everyone else seems to be taller than me.

He still seems to be a bit klutzy but That's our Neville!

We talked about alot of stuff. I wish I could help him out somehow. Maybe I'll send him some money to make up for the time I took of his. He was working afterall.

blind my eyes

[07 Feb 2003|03:57pm]
Owl to GinnyCollapse )

blind my eyes

[06 Feb 2003|04:37am]
[Ginny Weasley will recieve an owled package to her apartment. There is a short note, scratched out sloppily on a scrap of paper, explaining what is in each container and signed ~Dennis]

][ Vegetable Stir Fry

][ Eggplant Parmesan

][ Chicken Alfredo

][ Spaghetti and Meatballs

][ Steak and Potatoes

][ A few slices of homemade pizza

][ A big Chicken Ceasar Salad

I'd suggest eating the Salad first, Gin. It'll probably go bad. I left the recipe for each one taped to the lid of the container in case you want to try your hand at it.. I know how you said you burn water.. but you might want to try.

I told you I would make you food.


1 stell me what to see :|||: blind my eyes

[30 Jan 2003|12:43pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I got one of these journals. I had to get a computer for writing and Colin made sure it was done right for a blind person. It has brail keys and it talks to me. I think its sort of magically enchanted too but he didn't say whether it was or not.

So I found this group, with all the friends from school I had and I am fairly excited. I like making more friends.. or maybe I just like reacquainting myself with old ones.

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